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Raspberry waffles…better than blueberry waffles?


Raspberry Waffles

I promised the boyfriend I’d make waffles for breakfast this weekend. When I woke up yesterday, I fully intended to make them and then I remembered that we only had one egg between us. I needed three. So the waffles had to wait.

Waffles were a McKelvey family staple in my childhood. We were big fans of having breakfast for dinner and waffles were the go-to food whenever we were lazy and/or didn’t have much in the pantry or refridgerator.

We ate them so often that on my sister’s birthday one year, she asked if she could never eat waffles again as a gift from my parents. They agreed and she really didn’t eat them for quite a while. I think she’s okay with them now.

Anyway, these are normal waffles made with the addition of raspberries. Raspberries were chosen because I had them in the freezer…I’ll make them this way again as I liked them better than blueberry waffles.

Here’s my dad’s waffle recipe. I kind of think it was adapted from a James Beard recipe but I’m not positive. Dad has made these hundreds of times so I’m not sure he’d remember where the recipe was from either. My copy of the recipe was recited to me over the phone a number of years ago.

Dad’s Waffles:

1 3/4 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
touch of salt
3 tablespoons sugar
6 tablespoons oil
3 eggs
1 3/4 cups milk

Mix ingredients together until fairly smooth. Don’t overmix! Cook them in your waffle iron according to the waffle iron manufacturer’s instructions.

Today I lightly folded in about 1 1/2 cups of frozen raspberries. But you could add blueberries. Or nuts. Or both. Or something else.

We ate them with butter and real maple syrup. I don’t recognize fake maple syrup as food. My maple syrup is dutifully provided by my father. He still makes waffles often enough to need lots of syrup and he buys by the gallon (or more?) online. He then supplies all of his daughters with maple syrup whenever we need it. I put in a call for more this afternoon.


  1. Mmm… I miss waffles. We need a waffle maker! I love the supply of maple syrup. I hosted “Ladies Night” last week and was baffled about what to make.. Then I saw a Cooking Light magazine with a special on maple syrup.. I made maple syrup ‘snack cake’. Turned out pretty well.
    As always, I love reading your blog.
    Hope all is well! We should catch up sometime soon.

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  3. What waffle iron did you use to achieve the result in the picture? It’s unusual…and wonderful!

  4. KRAMER: We just got back from breakfast. The pancakes were dynamite.

    JERRY: Hey, is that my maple syrup?

    MERYL: You bring your own syrup?

    KRAMER: Got to.

    JERRY (to Meryl): You got a lot to learn about pancakes.

  5. Kristal – yes, we should catch up. Dad gave me a lot of syrup this time. Possibly too much syrup. I guess I’ll be having waffles again soon.

    Alison- sadly, I’d probably take maple syrup with me somewhere if I knew for a fact that they’d only have the fake crap. I guess there’s a little bit of Kramer in me.

    rushmc – I’ll have to look at the boyfriend’s apartment to see what kind of waffle iron it is…I think it’s a non-name brand one.

  6. wow.. very upsetting recipe actually. I picked raspberries and made a nice…(tried to make) a nice breakfast for my boyfriend… But you cannot put berries it it! omg they stick like crazy DUH! not cool they were all ruined!

  7. Mallory – sorry to hear that this recipe didn’t work for you. I’m not sure went wrong as I’ve used this recipe countless times with berries & haven’t had any issues. What kind of a waffle iron did you use and did you make sure it was well greased?

  8. So I ran out of bisquick and my 3 yr old really wanted I saw this and was like perfect!!! Had all ingredients and the only adjustment I added was vanilla extract….these came out perfectly and made a ton of waffles..which is good because I froze the. And take them out as needed!!! Thanks so much for sharing 

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