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Trying to make my boyfriend like cranberries…


15.365 : Trying to make my boyfriend like cranberries.

My boyfriend is of the opinion that cranberries taste very similar to what he would expect potpourri to taste like. Not that he (or I) have ever eaten potpourri.

So he doesn’t care for cranberries and I kind of like them. This causes just a hint of strife when I mention baking something with cranberries. I’ve made at least a couple of things with cranberries in them this year in an attempt to get him to like them. I haven’t really had much success.

I found the recipe for this cranberry tart at The Kitchn and decided to make it today. I quickly warned the boyfriend that I was baking a tart today that he might not like. He may have groaned in response but knew that I was going to bake it whether he’d like it or not.

After dinner tonight, we tried the tart. While he may not have been crazy about it, he did say that he would eat it. He also said that someone who actually really likes cranberries would probably love it. That’s probably the best response I’m going to get out of a cranberry hater.

The recipe can be found here at The Kitchn.

I made very few alterations to their recipe. Instead of orange zest, I used the zest and juice of one Meyer lemon. Instead of mixing the walnuts into the filling, I used about a cup of them and put them on top so that they would remain crunchy. Other than that, I followed the recipe.

Oh, I used the pie crust recipe found here. Truthfully it’s the only pie crust I use these days.


  1. Oh what I’d give for a slice of that right now! 😛

  2. Mmmm, this looks fabulous! Of course, I am a cranberry-lover. :)

  3. Oh I hope you can changes his mind because they are so so good

  4. mmmm. if this doesn’t convince your boyfriend – you might want to throw him away because he’s broken 😉

    this looks delicious 😀

  5. Your boyfriend doesn’t know what he’s missing, cranberries are one of my all time favorite foods. I’ll take his slice!

  6. This looks to die for. The cranberries are gorgeous! how lucky your boyfriend is to have you cook/bake for him!!

  7. Sounds like something my husband would say! (He doesn’t care for ANY fruits. Isn’t that crazy?)

    Beautiful pic!

  8. Maybe you should try this:

    My husband was skeptical of cranberries too, until he tried some of this quick bread.

  9. As a cranberry lover I think this looks amazing. And I can sympathize, I love cocoanut like nobodies business, and my husband can’t stand it. He’ll eat things with cocoanut milk, but it’s just not something he is into. Sigh.

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