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Thai Beef Salad Recipe


Thai Beef Salad
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I promised Alison the recipe when I posted this picture. Then I forgot to give it to her. So here it is for anyone that reads this. If only you could see the cute recipe card that it’s written on. Thanks for buying them for me, Tasha!

The recipe here is a hybrid of several recipes I found online and the ingredients that are in a salad served at the Thai Diner in Richmond. Their version is by far my favorite. Other than my own.

-1 1/2 pounds beef (I used a cheap sirloin)
-juice of 3 limes (not bottled juice!)
-1/4 cup fish sauce (found in Asian food section)
-1/2 red onion (thinly sliced)
-1 clove garlic (finely minced)
-1 serrano pepper (seeded and finely minced)
-1 tablespoon chili paste (the Asian kind with a rooster on the gold label)
-green onions (thinly sliced)
-fresh cilantro leaves
-1 tsp. sesame oil (optional)
-salt & pepper
-chili powder

-Rub beef with salt, pepper & chili powder. Grill, broil or otherwise cook to medium rare or medium depending on your own personal beef preferences.
-Whisk lime juice, garlic, fish sauce, chili paste & sesame oil. The sesame oil is optional. I had some around and thought it would be a nice touch – it was. Trader Joe’s carries it fairly cheap.
-Toss this dressing with red onions, green onions, cilantro and minced serrano pepper.
-Thinly slice beef. Toss into the dressing.
-Serve immediately. Or reheat slightly.

I use lots of cilantro in mine because I love cilantro. You might not love cilantro so much. Use less. I think some restaurants use basil or mint instead. I’m sticking with cilantro.

You can also adjust the spice to your liking with more or less serrano peppers and chili paste. I like my spice at a medium level and this recipe was perfect. Not too tame and not too wild.

Start to finish, this took only about 30 minutes to make.


  1. I finally made this. YUM! You need to change the link in your flickr photos of this dish, though.

  2. I think I knew I needed to change that link somewhere in the back of my mind…

    It took you long enough to make it. ;P

  3. This is one one my favorite Thai dishes – I almost make it the same way – just more chili :-) Try some mint in the salad the next time! Yummy….

  4. I can’t handle too much spice…I like it but my sinuses don’t. If not for that, I’d add more chili as well.

    I’m always tempted to try mint in dishes but I always wuss out. Maybe when I grow an herb garden later this year…

  5. This is amazing – we had it for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It’ll be in our regular line up!

  6. Hmmm…I haven’t made this in a while. Maybe next week.

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